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Helping Families Deal with Death and Grieving during the Coronavirus Crisis. 
NPR special coverage. Listen here.

Cautionary Tale about 3rd Party Casket Sellers
Bestpricecasket.com makes a mistake and blames the customer. See details here.

California's End of Life Option Act
As of June 9, 2016, when the End of Life Options Act went into effect, Californians with less than 6 months to live now have the right to end their own lives. Text of the law here.  

Article: How to Handle Funeral Costs US News & World Report, Oct 7 2014

​A New Searchable Database Shows Fines Levied Against Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly
The Bay Area News Group's Senior Care Database includes the number of fines levied against each residential care facility for the elderly in California in the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years, along with a listing of each individual fine and its amount. Read more...

#521 The Town that Loves Death from NPR's Planet Money Feb 28, 2014
La Crosse, Wisconsin is a place where an amazing 96% of people have advance directives to spell out how to handle their dying. And (coincidentally??) it also has the lowest healthcare spending of any region of the country. Listen to the podcast(23 minutes)

Myth Busted--​Airlines Do Not Require Embalming to Ship a Body
    from Josh Slocum, Executive Director of FCA (national), April, 2013

Mortuary Mythology is alive and well; lots of people (including some funeral directors and regulators) believe airlines require embalming.

No. None. No major airline in the world (yes, this includes the US) requires embalming. Ever. Under any circumstance.

The National Funeral Directors Association has compiled a very helpful list of airline policies available here:


Note that you'll have to read that page and find the link to the .pdf list. I'll let you do that as there's other useful information leading up to it.

BUT, every country has different requirements for what has to be done to ship a body into that country. Some require embalming, and some have very specific and rigid requirements. So the airlines are not making the rules here, but they have a strong interest in making sure that any human remains they transport can be off-loaded at the destination.

Sunday DialogueChoosing How We Die. A thoughtful discussion about whether it should be legal for doctors to help end dying patients' lives. From www.nytimes.com, 3/30/2013.

SEE THE VIDEO presentation about FCA and Green Burial given on Feb 3, 2013 by the president of our local chapter. (Running time is approximately 1 hr 12 min).


Chicago Tribune Article: Prepaid Funerals can be a R.I.P-off

Updates on the FTC Funeral Rule

Congress passes Dignified [Veteran's] Burial Act

State requires mortuaries with websites to post services online, SB 658

Cemetery Abuses--FCA National Executive Director Speaks on 60 Minutes


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