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Mollie Stone's will contribute to FCA whenever you use the

Mollie Stone’s eScrip Community Card

How it works
When you shop at any local Mollie Stone’s store and present your eScrip Community Card, Mollie Stone’s will donate up to 5% of your monthly purchases to Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA).  

Mollie Stone’s is making the donation. You are just paying for your groceries, so it costs you nothing.

How do I sign up?
​1.  Download a partially-completed eScrip Community Card registration form
     Pick up an eScrip Community Card registration form at your local Mollie Stone's and fill in
     "Funeral Consumers Alliance" as the "other non-profit you wish to support.

2.  Fill in the personal information requested on the form

3.  Present the completed form to the check or store manager.

4.  You will receive an eScrip Community Card to use at the check stand whenever you make purchases at 
     Mollie Stone's.

That’s all. It costs you nothing except remembering to use your Community Card when you shop at Mollie Stone’s.

PLEASE NOTE: the program is new and the checker may not ask if you have a Community Card. You will have to remember to offer it as you pay for your purchases.

How much does FCA Get?
Mollie Stone’s donation to FCA is a graduated amount based on the amount you spend monthly at Mollie Stone’s:
    $1-$200 = 1%
$201-$400 = 2%
$401-$500 = 3%
$501-$600 = 4%
Over $600 = 5%

If your monthly purchases total $650.00, your contribution earned would be $15.50, calculated as follows:

$200 x 1% = $2.00
$200 x 2% = $4.00
$100 x 3% = $3.00
$100 x 4% = $4.00
$ 50 x 5% = $2.50
   TOTAL = $15.50