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Any pre-arrangements for death care?

If the deceased was a member of BA-FCA, he or she should already have chosen a mortuary (funeral home) and a method of disposition of the body (burial, cremation, or body/organ donation). These pre-arrangements were made to ease the burden of decision-making for the survivors, but family-managed death care is still an option for motivated families)

  • Locate the Planning Form filled out by the BA-FCA member.  This will show the deceased's choice of mortuary and plan, as well as information on any arrangements made for body-donation. You may call our office for assistance at 650-321-2109.  
  • If the deceased has made arrangements to donate his/her body, notify the receiving institution about the death.  If they want the body, they will provide instructions for how to proceed.  Otherwise...
  • Notify the mortuary named on the BA-FCA Planning Form (if available) that the member has died.  Look at our list of cooperating mortuaries for contact information for the mortuary, as well as current prices for the chosen plan.  Here are details for the different plans.  Because businesses change hands or close their doors, it sometimes happens that the chosen mortuary no longer exists, but in that case, you may simply choose another from the from among the cooperating mortuaries.  
  • Ask the funeral director to obtain 8-10 copies of the death certificate, enough for life insurance policies, banks, etc.
  • Please notify the BA-FCA office of the death so that we may update our records. Our phone number is 650-321-2109 or email [email protected].

In any case, member or not, there still may be plans in place and you should look for the information and act on it.  

  • Look for any written instructions the deceased may have left regarding death care
  • The deceased may have chosen a mortuary and may even have prepaid some of the costs (it is not possible to prepay all of the costs); contact the chosen mortuary to proceed (especially if there has been prepayment)
  • a cemetery plot may already have been purchased; notify the funeral director about the cemetery plot
  • the deceased may have set up a trust or bank account to pay for the costs associated to death care. 
  • The deceased may already have made arrangements for body-donation; contact the institution specified.