Type C1—Direct Cremation 

This is the simplest disposition. A memorial service or other ceremony may be arranged separately, if desired. 

Included in the prices quoted are: 

  • a container for cremation; 
  • the cost of cremation; 
  • providing the cremated remains in a basic container for pickup by next of kin or other responsible party. 

Shipping or delivering ashes elsewhere will be extra cost. 

Type C2—Direct Cremation, plus Scattering Ashes at Sea

This includes the same as Type C1 plus scattering the ashes, often with the ashes of others, by unscheduled plane or boat, 500 yards or more from shore or navigable inland wanterways. 

At extra cost, you can schedule the trip for your ashes only, have members of the family accompany the ashes, or combine the scattering of ashes with a memorial service.
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    All plans include:
  • Daytime removal during business hours of the remains from a local* hospital, convalescent home or other location.  
  • Refrigeration of the body for at least two days
  • Transport* to the place of burial or cremation
  • Assistance in making claims for Social Security death benefits or veteran services
*There will be extra charges for transport outside the local area. Rates vary depending on the mortuary and the distance transported.

   Plans do NOT include:
  • Cemetery plots
  • Vaults or grave liners
  • Opening and closing graves
  • Grave markers
  • Cremation plans may not include witnessing the cremation

Two Cremation Plans
Disposition of Cremated Remains:
Legally in California, you may keep the ashes at a place of residence, bury them in a consecrated cemetery, scatter them in a designated area of a cemetery, place them in a niche in a columbarium (a building on cemetery grounds built to inter ashes), or bury or scatter ashes on private land with permission of the owner.

Three Burial Plans
Type B1—Direct Burial

This is the next simplest disposition. A memorial service or other ceremony must be arranged separately, if one is desired. 

Included in the quoted prices: 

  • minimum required professional services; 
  • the simplest casket; 

The price does not include the cost of embalming or witnessing the burial.

Type B2—Graveside Service 

A ceremony held at the graveside, in the presence of the body. In addition, a separate memorial service may, of course, be arranged elsewhere at any later date. 

Included in the quoted price: 

  • the simplest casket; 
  • necessary professional services; 
  • transport to the cemetery for a scheduled graveside ceremony and burial (or to the crematory for a ceremony there);

Please note that the price quoted does not cover any visitation or viewing, use of the mortuary chapel, coach transport, or cortege to the cemetery.

Type B3—Full Service Funeral

  • a simple casket; 
  • embalming or refrigeration, if desired;
  • dressing, cosmetic, and related professional services; 
  • receipt and handling of flowers at the mortuary chapel; 
  • two hours of visitation/viewing at the mortuary; 
  • use of the mortuary chapel for a ceremony with ushers; 
  • after the ceremony a scheduled transport in a funeral coach to a local cemetery for a graveside committal; 
  • a memorial register, memorial folders, acknowledgment cards; 
  • counseling

Cooperating Mortuary Plans
The following describes the five basic plans that this FCA negotiates with cooperating mortuaries.  See the cooperating mortuary price lists for price details.