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What sort of memorial services are desired, if any? 

Whether and how to prepay
  • In general, we recommend pre-planning but not prepaying. See this article from the national FCA website about the Pitfalls of Preneed. Note specifically the last section, entitled "Safer ways to plan ahead".
  • See this brochure from the Funeral Ethics Organization on some specifics of pre-paying in California.

** Although you may wish to donate your body, or your survivors may wish to manage your death care without the help of a mortuary, these things do not always work out as planned, so it is wise for you to choose a mortuary and a plan in order to have one functional plan in place when needed.  Choosing a mortuary and a plan in advance does not obligate your survivors to use them.
Funeral Planning Decisions to Make:
Most of these death care and funeral planning decisions need to be made whether or not you are a BA-FCA member
Method of disposition of the body:  
  • Burial
  • Cremation

Do you want to join BA-FCA so that you may choose among the discounted plans at our cooperating mortuaries?
  • See various plans you can choose among at our cooperating mortuaries
Which mortuary to use**

Final resting place
  • What to do with the ashes

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