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Checklist A -- Information to Assemble before Death Location
l. Dated list of additional details on the final disposition of your body, such as names and addresses of recipients of donation of your body or of specific organs or tissues; cemetery plot description and location, or columbarium niche number and description; any desired inscription; or place of scattering of ashes; or details of a memorial.  
2. Note any provision for partial or full payment in advance of funeral costs, including title and location of account, its number, etc.  
3. Dated list of any expected death benefits, as Soc. Sec. death benefit, Vet's Admin. reimbursement for funeral and cemetery costs (a photostat of discharge papers ready for making claim), lump sum payment or cancellation on a pension, credit union, accident insurance or mortgage.  
4. Dated list of life insurance policies in force, with serial numbers.  
5. Dated list of other insurance policies w/ serial numbers such as fire, automobile, accident, liability and dates when premiums due.  
6. Dated list of location and appropriate numbers and combinations of safe deposit boxes, strong boxes, safes, and their keys.  
7. Dated list of credit cards and charge accounts w/ serial numbers. Also dated list of merchandise or property on which payments must be made with dates and amounts.  
8. Dated list of bank, credit union, building and loan, stock brokerage accounts, with serial numbers.  
9. Dated list of securities and property which you own.  
10. Dated list of names and addresses of your lawyer, accountant, next-of-kin and executor of your estate.  
11. Dated list of all important papers in your safe deposit box.  
12. Dated list of important papers, other valuable items not kept in safe deposit box, with their locations: insurance policies, auto title slips, bank books, federal and state income tax returns, birth, marriage and divorce certificates, discharge papers, jewelry.  
13. A copy of your will and note of location of the original. A list of organizations to which you belong. A dated list of newspapers, magazines, journals, book and record clubs to which you subscribe.  
14. Dated list of persons you wish to have notified of your death.  
15. Get rid of your excess "stuff" now.  
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