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Albom, Mitch. The Five People You Meet in Heaven, 2003.

Albom, Mitch. Tuesdays with Morrie, 1997.

Baker, Rob. Planning Memorial Celebrations, 1999.

Bennett, Amanda and Terence Foley. In Memoriam: A Practical Guide to Planning a Memorial Service, 1997.

Beresford, Larry. The Hospice Handbook, 1993.

Boulden, Jim. Saying Goodbye Activity Book (for children), 1989.

Chapin, Bruce. The Hardest Challenge: Surviving the Death of a Spouse, 1990.

Choron, Jacques. Death and Western Thought, 1963.

Cutter, Fred. Coming to Terms with Death, 1974.

Dempsey, David. The Way We Die, 1975.

Dota, Kenneth with Joyce Davidson, editors. Living with Grief When Illness is Prolonged, 1997.

Fowkes, William. Prolonged Death—An American Tragedy: Debating the Use of Life Support, 1998.

Huntley, Theresa. Helping Children Grieve When Someone They Love Dies, 1991.

Jenkins, Margie. You Only Die Once: Preparing for the End of Life with Grace and Gusto, 2002.

Knox, Lucinda and Michael. Last Wishes: A Handbook to Guide Your Survivors, 1995.

Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth. On Death and Dying, 1969.

Kübler-Ross, Elizabeth. Questions and Answers on Death and Dying, 1974.

Kübler-Ross, Elizabeth. To Live Until We Say Good-bye, 1978.

Levine, Stephen. Who Dies?, 1982.

Lynn, Joanne and Joan Harrold. Handbook for Mortals. Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness, 1999.

Mitford, Jessica. The American Way of Death, 1978.

Mitford, Jessica. The American Way of Death Revisited, 1998.

Morgan, Ernest. Dealing Creatively with Death: A Manual of Death Education and Simple Burial, 2001 and other editions.

Murdock, Jayne. Until Death and After; How to Live with a Dying Intimate, 1979.

Osis, Karlis and Erlendur Haraldsson. At the Hour of Death, 1977.

Nuland, Sherman. How We Die: Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter, 1993.

Rando, Therese. How to Go on Living When Someone You Love Dies, 1988.

Risley, Robert. A Humane and Dignified Death, a New Law Permitting Physician Aid-in-Dying, 1987.

Rosemire, Adeline. The Other Mid-Life Crisis, 1994.

Searl, Edward. In Memoriam: A Guide to Modern Funeral and Memorial Services, 2nd Ed., 2000.

Stillman, Peter. Answers to a Child’s Questions About Death, 1994.

Sublette, Kathleen, and Martin Flagg. Final Celebrations: A Guide for Personal and Family Funeral Planning, 1992.

Watson, Maggie. A Graceful Farewell: Putting Your Affairs in Order, 2006.

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