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About Us

The Bay Area Funeral Consumers Association (BA-FCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting a consumer's right to choose  meaningful, dignified, affordable death care.  BA-FCA is a 501(c)(3) public benefit non-profit organization--donations are tax deductible and serve to further the charitable and education parts of our mission

The 9-member volunteer Board of Directors for BA-FCA live around San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties although we are expanding into the wider Bay Area and are looking for participants from other Bay Area Counties. We meet once a month to plan activities.  If you would like to attend, please call the office at 650-321-2109 to find out the next meeting time and location.  We are looking for new board members to replace those whose terms have expired.  Please call and attend a meeting if you are interested.

What we do
  • Monitor funeral industry trends and practices and advocating for ways to curb abuses and save on funeral expenses
  • Provide members with forms to facilitate making end of life decisions about body disposition
  • Monitor and maintain a list of cooperating funeral homes who will offer discounts to BA-FCA members, abide by the wishes of the members, and expedite their funeral wishes without sales pressure to the families. 
  • Providing an emergency ID card showing funeral home chosen, membership number, and next of kin. Members who travel or move away have reciprocal privileges of membership at 100 other FCAs across the USA. The local BA-FCA keeps a backup record of members’ wishes, but members also share their plans with family, attorney, agent for health care directives, and the funeral home.
  • See member benefits for more information about the value of BA-FCA membership.
  • Provide information and pamphlets on funeral choices to increase public awareness of funeral options, including how to care for your own dead without using a funeral home
  • Produce a twice-a-year newsletter and occasional emailed notices
  • Our Speakers Bureau makes educational presentations to community groups, consults with agencies, and offers advice over the phone and in person at its office
  • Maintain this website with information that will help all consumers, not just its members
  • Survey and report on funeral home and cemetery prices,